HIGH WINDS: Record-breaking 170 MPH wind gusts recorded at Mt. Washington


(2/26/19) Yesterday’s winter storm was one for the record books in New Hampshire.

All cameras were focused on the famous Hays Chart, a tool used to measure wind speed, at the Mt. Washington Observatory to capture a new record for a February wind gust.

The 1972 measurement of 166 was blown away!

Meteorologist Tom Padham said, “We’ve not hit a peak gust of 171 miles per hour. We may not be done. We could potentially be seeing wind gusts in that realm for at least a portion of the night here.”

This is also the strongest wind recorded here in any month since 1985.

“Oh yeah! My coffee mug was actually rattling on the table just from the vibration of the building here. The windows were kind of flexing back and forth from the pressure changes with the wind,” said Padham.

Wind gusts a fraction of that toppled trees, taking down power lines and closing streets until utility crews could give the all clear.

They scrambled from one wind damage report to the next most of the day finding limbs tangled in lines..

Still, nothing can compete with the gusts testing records on the rock pile.

Padham said, “A category 5 hurricane is raging outside right now. So, again, incredible.”

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