Emu’s Run Comes To Sad End


(WRAL) An emu that North Carolina authorities have chased for weeks died Thursday amid efforts to capture it and move it to an animal sanctuary.

The emu, which was given the nickname “Eno,” had evaded authorities since late June, when the free-roaming bird was first reported to Orange County Animal Services. No one claimed ownership of the bird, despite widespread publicity.

Eno’s exploits prompted a Facebook page and a Twitter handle. The bird’s image started appearing on T-shirts as well as on national news.

The emu had even inspired kindergartners at a local school to track the animal, make “wanted” posters and create a song.

“We had hoped for a better outcome,” Orange County Animal Services Director Bob Marotto said in a statement. “We did all we knew to do. We consulted with zoo experts to determine the best course. Unfortunately, she did not respond to our efforts.”

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