WEST MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD) — January 22-28 is National Passenger Safety Week and the week focuses on encouraging passengers to speak up when they are in a vehicle with a distracted driver in order to keep themselves and their fellow passengers safe.

David Reich, of the National Road Safety Foundation, talked to us about the start of this week and what it is all about.

“Last year, Candace Lightner of We Save Lives, saw that there was a need for passengers to speak up when they were in a car being driven dangerously. National Passenger Safety Week is an effort to empower passengers to speak up if they’re in a car that’s being driven unsafely.”

David says that many crashes that end in fatalities could be avoided if the passengers are willing to say something when they notice the driver being unsafe on the road. He also said there a few important words to remember as you drive or are a passenger: seat belts save lives.

“The most important thing a driver can do, aside from just driving safely, is make sure that the driver and all the passengers have buckled up.”