(KLFY) – Whether you need a new skill for your job, looking to change careers or just enjoy learning new things, finding the time for education can be a hassle. Convenience, scheduling and cost are all factors in what determines whether someone will put in the effort for an education. 

One of the benefits of an increasingly digital world is education can be right at your doorstep, a click away and maybe even free. There is no shortage of websites that can set you on a path of new learning, here are some of the more popular and trusted sights to gain knowledge.


Founded in 2012 by professors at Stanford University, the website works with universities and companies to offer online courses, certifications and even degrees in many subjects. As of 2023, Coursera works with over 275 accredited universities and companies, while offering over 4,000 different courses. 

While it offers many courses in IT, computer science and business, it also has classes on arts, health and even language learning. Major companies like Google, Meta, IBM and Microsoft offer certifications and courses that prepare you for careers in the tech field and many can be applied as credit at major universities around the country. Complete online degrees are offered by many programs from Georgetown, the University of Michigan and more.

Many courses are free, while others can be accessed on a monthly subscription. Tuition assistance is also available. 

Many courses are scheduled around your life. You are free to put in as many or as few hours as you want, any time of the day.  


Built as a kind of “online learning community,” it’s a more casual learning experience. The courses are mostly delivered in videos and aren’t accredited. All the courses are only available through a paid subscription. 

The main course categories include creative arts, design, lifestyle and technology. All the courses are self-paced and instructors are notable experts in their respective fields. 


If you already know that what you want to learn is a programming language, Codecademy is the place to go. Founded in 2011, it began as a platform to learn specific programming languages such as Python, Java, and SQL. It also featured markup languages like HTML and CSS.

It was acquired by Skillsoft in 2021 and now offers paid subscription options for more personal training and projects, although the free lessons are still available. The paid services offer more courses to choose from, plus professional certifications and career services. 


Originally founded in 1995, it was online support for the books and classes of Lynda Weinman, a special effects animator and professor. By 2002, it was offering 100 courses and started producing and publishing documentaries on creative leaders and artists.

In 2015, it was acquired by LinkedIn and began broadcasting courses on the Apple TV application. Now the original website, Lynda.com, has been shut down and all the resources are now rebranded as LinkedIn Learning. It still offers a platform to learn job skills and showcase them through the professional social media platform, LinkedIn.


The platform developed in 2007 has now grown to a multi-faceted education website offering over 200,000 courses from 75,000 instructors, available in 75 languages. Similar to Coursera, many courses and programs can be applied to certifications.

Udemy offers courses in business, arts, health and fitness, music and technology. Instructors can build courses specific to their preferred topics and many courses are available through an app offered in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Free and paid courses are available and much like other online education, offer flexible scheduling.

Other notable educational website worth exploring: