Trump takes Border Wall pitch on the road

National News

(1/10/19) President Trump took his public pitch for a border wall to South Texas Thursday.

The trip came on day 20 of the government shutdown triggered by the president’s demand for a wall, and Congress’ refusal to fund it.

“The wall, the steel barrier. they can have any name they want, but they have to have it and it’s going to happen,” Mr. Trump said during his visit.

Democratic leaders in Washington continue to question his motives.

“I don’t’ think he really wants a solution, I think he loves the distraction that this is from his other problems,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Speaker Pelosi insists bipartisan solutions to border security, including high-tech options, have been put on the table.

“There is a better way a more effective way to protect, to secure our border, and that’s what the debate should be about,” she said.

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