“Mission Act” in effect for veterans

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MONROE, La. (6/6/19)– The Mission Act aims to make urgent care, private care, and telehealth more accessible for our vets.

  “The VA may not have things that can allow vets to be seen in a timely manner, so rather them having to wait weeks or months, with the Mission Act, it allows us to use our community partners,” said Dr. William Wise with the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport.

There’s four additional parts of the new law, including rebuilding infrastructure and information technology, recruiting positions and expanding benefits for vets.

The major part of the act: accessibility to healthcare. Now, vets won’t have to go as far from home to get the care they need.

  “I think it’s a good idea. Right now, I’m driving all the way to Shreveport when I have an appointment. It just takes a little bit more time,” said Army veteran Ronald Findley.

The Veterans Affairs care meets the standards for vets, but this new law makes availability a priority.

  “It’s hard scheduling the appointments around work or there could be some conflicts with the scheduling and it would be a lot easier to get the care at home,” said Air Force veteran Kyle Luker.

There are some rules.

For instance, if vets check into an emergency room, the VA office must be notified within 72 hours.

There’s also a qualification system each vet must go through to determine how much coverage he or she receives.

The Veteran’s Affairs office is also working on a new pharmacy contract to help vets with their prescriptions.

For more information, visit www.va.gov.

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