‘I don’t want my sister to die’; NC girl, 11, helps 8-month-old sister hit by gunfire in crib

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — An 8-month-old baby struck by gunfire while asleep in her North Carolina home Friday is now back home thanks to the actions of her 11-year-old sister.

“It was a typical Friday. I wouldn’t have thought in my wildest nightmares that this would have happened,” mother Jade Green said.

The mother of four had briefly left the house to run an errand while her mother watched the kids. Minutes later, three bullets were fired into their apartment.

One of those bullets flew into baby Jiya McMahan’s crib, striking her right side.

“Jiya was sleeping and she started crying and she was in the room. That’s when my mom went into the room and she picked her up and noticed she was bleeding,” Green said.

Jiya’s grandmother called 911 and passed the baby to her 11-year-old sister. The dispatcher walked them through what to do.

“At the time, before she started applying pressure, she was turning white and she knew something wasn’t right,” Green said.

The 11-year-old kept the pressure on until the ambulance arrived.

“’I don’t want my sister to die, I don’t want my sister to die,’” Green said. “Then when they came in she said, ‘Please save my sister,’ and passed her off and they took her and went straight to hospital.”

When Green got home, she was met with a flood of emergency crews.

“’I just want to inform you, your baby got hit,'” Green recalled the officer telling her. “And I fell to my knees and started crying.”

Jiya spent three nights in the hospital. Doctors said the bullet hit her tricep, went through her back and clipped her lung.

“They said they had to put in a chest tube in because the bullet did … go through and clipped her lungs. And they wanted to make sure she was OK,” Green said. “But she’s not on any monitors, she doesn’t have to get any surgeries, and I don’t think there’s going to be any future complications.”

It’s a miracle Green knows could have ended differently.

Winston-Salem police told Green they believe those shots were intentionally fired into the home, though the theory is that they weren’t intended for the people inside.

Now Green’s kids can no longer sleep without fear in the place they once called home, and the family is now looking to move out. Thanks to a GoFundMe account and the community stepping up, they can.

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