Eskimo Pie ice cream gets new name months after company called old one ‘derogatory’

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Eskimo pie ice cream (Getty Images)

(WJW) — Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream has announced a new name for its Eskimo Pie months after releasing a statement saying the previous name was “derogatory.”

The new name is Edy’s Pie after one of the company’s founders, Joseph Edy, Fox News Business reported.

“Our mission at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream is to bring joy to everyday life with ice cream and we look forward to our Edy’s Pie ice cream bars continuing to do just that,” Elizabell Marquez, Dreyer’s head of marketing, said in a statement to Fox News.

She said Edy’s Pie ice cream bars are expected to be on store shelves by early 2021.

In June, the chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar joined brands such as Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s in overhauling long-used names and marketing strategies considered racially offensive.

“We are committed to being a part of the solution on racial equality, and recognize the term is derogatory,” Marquez said in a statement at the time. “This move is part of a larger review to ensure our company and brands reflect our people values.”

The trend comes amid global demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism following the deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans at the hands of police.

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