The NAACP has sued Jefferson County, Texas, in federal court for alleged voter intimidation at a community center in Beaumont, a majority Black precinct.

The lawsuit, filed in federal district court on Friday, alleges that white poll workers throughout early voting repeatedly asked only Black voters “in aggressive tones” to recite “out loud within the earshot of other voters, poll workers, and poll watchers, their addresses, even when the voter was already checked in by a poll worker.”

The NAACP also alleged that white poll workers and poll watchers followed Black voters, and in some cases, their assistants, around the polling place, “including standing two feet behind a Black voter and the assistant, while the voter was at the machine casting a ballot.”

Additionally, white poll workers allegedly helped white voters scan their voted ballots into voting machines, but did not similarly help Black voters with that task.

Unless this court takes action, defendants “will continue to violate operate the Community Center with racially discriminatory intent, thereby preventing Black voters like plaintiffs from receiving equal treatment while trying to exercise their constitutional right to vote,” the lawsuit said.