MPD: Monroe man arrested for attempted 2nd degree murder


MONROE, La. – (12/3/19) Authorities at the Monroe Police Department have arrested Carlos Latron Jones for attempted 2nd degree murder.

Officers say Jones was arrested after they received a 911 call from his girlfriend claiming she had just escaped Jones’ residence in 2800 block of Lee Avenue in Monroe.

According to the arrest report, Officers arrived on scene and found multiple injuries on the victim consistent with being bound and battered. Jones’ girlfriend alleges that she was “hog-tied” and beaten by the arrestee as well as strangulated with a plastic bag and bound with a sock in her mouth.

The arrest report states the victim arrived at Jones’ home around 2200 to 2300 hours and spent the night with Jones, who is her boyfriend of 6 months (11/28/19). The victim claims Jones’ was angry with her and accused her of seeing other people. In the morning hours of 11/29/19, Jones woke the victim up by pulling her hair and hitting her in the face. The victim claims she fell from the bed and Jones choked her until she lost consciousness. She alleges Jones woke her up by slapping her in the face repeatedly and then “hog-tying” her with extension cords and putting a sock in her mouth by tying a pair of earphones around her head.

The victim claims she was tied up for hours and unable to escape. The victim told authorities Jones threatened to kill her multiple times and pressed a small handgun to her head. She stated that Jones put a plastic bag over her head at one point and pinched her nose to suffocate her and she lost consciousness again.

According to the arrest report, the victim told police that Jones used a small metal object to clean under the victim’s finger nails to remove DNA evidence.

It is unclear at this time as to how the victim escaped Jones’ residence.

When Officers arrived at Jones’ home, they were let inside by Jones’ grandmother. Officers say they observed the scene and took photos of the bedroom which contained a brown extension cord, brown sheets, and a belt consistent with that of which the victim alleges to have been “hog-tied”.

The victim was transported to LSU Ochsner-Monroe Medical Center for treatment. The arrest report details that the victim’s left eye was completely swollen shut, there were marks and bruising on both sides of her neck where she claimed to have been strangled, and both hands were swollen and had bruising consistent with being tied up. The doctor of the ER also noted there was swelling on the back of the victim’s head.

Carlo Latron Jones is a convicted felon having been convicted of aggravated battery back in 2016 and is on parole until February of 2020. There is one prior battery of a dating partner from November of 2019.

Carlo Latron Jones was arrested and booked into OCC for attempted 2nd degree murder, aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment, battery of a dating partner-strangulation, second degree battery, simple robbery, and battery of a dating partner. His bond is set at $576,000.

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