WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — After a few days of relatively calm weather, conditions will quickly change throughout the central and southern United States on Friday.

Today, there are many who will attempt to push weather information, and while there is no foul in attempting to inform as many people as possible; this is a weather day when folks must strictly regulate where their weather updates are coming from. The Storm Prediction Center is widely regarded as the best meteorologists in the world, and they haven’t issued a level 5/5 high severe risk since 2021. That being said, the two areas included in high risks are NOT in the ArkLaMiss, but the ArkLaMiss has areas in both a level 3 enhanced risk (southern Arkansas and northwestern Louisiana), and the rest in a level 2/5 severe risk. Around noon to 1:00 PM convection ahead of the incoming dryline and cold front will begin. Due to the scattered placement of storms from this system, the development of supercells or stronger storms is much greater than that of a linear (long line) storm system. Being in a severe risk does not guarantee seeing severe weather, and being in a low tiered risk area does NOT rule it out. Please have multiple ways to be warned throughout the afternoon and evening and take a deep breath knowing we meteorologists will remain in the KTVE/KARD weather center all night if that’s what it takes to ride out our severe risk.

As always: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. Be kind to each other.

Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen