Morehouse parish school board committee held a meeting on Tuesday May 3rd, on the agenda was the voting of Bastrop high school football stadium receiving a transformation on the gridiron of having a turf field installed.

Seven members were present of the vote, the school board voted 4 to 1 with 2 abstaining on the approval of the installation of a turf field.

Board member of District 1 Karen Diel chose to abstain from voting says “I did not vote no, I abstain from voting because we did not have enough information to make an informal decision about that.”

After a post was made on Facebook of the decision by the school board. One Facebook user commented “It is proven to be safer. It shows growth and the community should be supporting of this.”

Another user says “Long time overdue!! Great news. Time to start doing things that will impact everyone, especially the youth in a positive way. Unity is needed in decision making in morehouse parish.

While other users on the post made comments saying, “where would the money come from and will the city be spending tax payers dollars.”

When ask, how would the cost be covered on the installation of the turf field Diel says “She would like to know where the money will come from” stating that it was one of the reason she could participate in the voting.”

KTVE news reached out to other members of the school board but we’re not available to make a comment.