Monroe recycling yard staying open to collect items in exchange for cash


MONROE, La (03/31/20) — The 13 acre recycling yard in Monroe is staying open and ready to take items to eliminate dumping on the side of roads. “There having so much problems with people dumping stuff on the side of the road, they can’t take it to the landfill, but you can bring it here,” said Abraham Lincoln, General Manager of Louisiana Pecan Shelling & Recycling Company.

When you get to the scrap yard, you’ll enter through one location and then drive around the entire property. From there, you’ll find the drop off location. “You’ll pull up, throw your material in a hopper that we’ll take in the building, weigh it and then you go to the window and the lady will pay you for it and you’ll get something out of it,” said Lincoln.

Lincoln says he hopes keeping the yard open will help people get through this hard time. This hopefully will help the folks out of work, They can always scrounge up old appliances, scrap metal, aluminum cans, anything like that, that’s got value to it and it’ll give them a little money to help them tide over in this bad time,” said Lincoln.

And while they’re staying open, they’re practicing social distancing and making the safest drop off possible for customers. “And after each transaction, the lady takes Lysol cleans everything in there where the window was, where you signed for your money and stuff and prepares for the next customer that comes up,” said Lincoln.

But the materials don’t just sit at the scrap yard once they’re turned in for cash. “We sort it out, different kind of metals and then we send it back to the smelters and the steel mills and they’ll melt it down and make new material out of it,” said Lincoln.

The recycling yard will be open Monday through Saturday from 8am-1pm. It’s located at the Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company and the address is 1077 highway 80 in Monroe.

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