MONROE, La (KTVE-KARD) – The city of Monroe has seen an uptick in shootings over the past two weeks, and it’s something Mayor Friday Ellis is aware of.

“Our police are out there doing their jobs. My commitment to the public is that the police are going to put together good cases,” Ellis said in an interview with your Weather Station.

Mayor Ellis says that he understands the frustrations of those who are fed up with the violence. But feels Monroe Police are doing all they can to keep those responsible off the streets. He calls on the courts to ensure those criminals stay locked up.

“We’re asking for the court systems and the fourth JDC to realize and take that stance with us. We’re not going to put up with it anymore,” says Ellis.

Mayor Ellis made it very clear that the shootings are not random.

“It’s retaliation. Because someone is out [of jail] now and they’re in the wrong part of town,” a frustrated Ellis said

It was a couple weeks ago when Monroe Police officers were targets in a shooting. Mayor Ellis was animated about his stance on city police officers and how they’ve handled the uptick in violence.

“You’re not going to catch me apologizing for a dang thing. I’m going to stand beside our police officers every single time to understand that they got my support and I have their back. We’re asking that everyone else has their back as well when they go out and do their jobs,” said an irritated Ellis.

President Biden announced a crackdown on ghost guns on Monday. The mayor saying the area is already seeing the impact of ghost guns.

“We understand some of the modifications that he is talking about. One wound up in one of our cases,” continued Ellis.

Mayor Ellis with a plea to those who have information on present and future crimes.

“Look how long it took for someone to speak out on the Sippers case when there was a ton of people who knew who did it. If you know of a potential crime or an incident that could lead to a crime, we need your help.”

Ellis says that to help, you can call the offices at the city of Monroe at 318-329-2227.