Monroe maintains a zero-tolerance policy against violence in light of mass shootings


MONROE, La. (08/06/19) — Many families are still reeling after more than 30 people died by the hands of two mass shooters in two separate cities in less than 24 hours.

The City of Monroe is dealing with some crime of its own, however, Tuesday in a news conference the mayor and other members of local law enforcement say the incidents are isolated and relationship-based.

Mayor Jamie Mayo affirmed in the wake of several mass shootings the city is maintaining its firm zero-tolerance policy.

Mayor Mayo believes major moves at the federal level need to be made so he and the Conference of Mayors are asking the Senate to head back to Washington and pass tighter gun safety laws.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Francis Eneman, says if mental health plays a role in an individual you see problems when it goes unaddressed.

“People with mental health [issues] are usually not violent, they’re victims of violence. Studies show that maybe 5% of people with mental health actually commit violent crimes,” she said.

Here at home, Mayor Mayo says there’s no immediate threat nor a place for violence in the city.

“They will be apprehended and they will serve a considerable amount of time because we’re certainly not going to tolerate this type of activity.”

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