MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – As high temperatures rise , the Humane Society Adoption Center of Monroe is urging people to be mindful of their pets during this hot weather

Shelter director, Terri Matthews, says they’re trying their best to protect the dogs with what they have, using all their resources to keep their pets safe. 

“If your dog has health issues, it is even more important that you keep them cool.”

Just like humans, dogs get also uncomfortable in high temperatures, and untreated heat-related illness can do severe damage.

The Humane Society Adopting Center shelters over one hundred dogs. When the shelter saw the forecasted temperatures for this week, they knew they needed to act fast.

“Another thing that we do a lot here is, we stuff, you know, the cone toys, we stuff those with peanut butter and then freeze them,” Matthews said. “With it being cold, it also helps them keep their temperature down. “Without the fans and the pools, and other things to keep them cool off, dogs overheat extremely quickly. A heat stroke can come up on a dog in a matter of minutes,” Matthews explained. 

Matthews says it is crucial to keep in mind signs of heat stroke. 

“If they start panting very heavily, you will start seeing them drooling a lot, their tongue will change colors, and the white of their eyes will turn red,” said Matthews. “And when that happens, you know they’re on a full heat stroke and that’s an emergency.” 

Chalica Thompson, a local resident, says she keeps fresh cold water accessible at all times. 

“A lot of people are unaware that you really need to let your dogs have a lot of water, I mean have them in different places of the house outside,” said Thompson. “If there is any way you can leave them at home, so it can stay cool and not have to stay in the hot car.” 

“During the hottest part of the day, if you can, bring them inside,” added Matthews. “Keep them in an area that is air-conditioned and has fans.”

Matthews also recommends, if you see your dog is overheating and you’re trying to cool it down, make sure you do it slowly and not just throw it in a tub full of ice water or you could put it into shock.