MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD) It was a very productive evening at St. Albans Episcopal Church in North Monroe, as the City of Monroe held a townhall meeting, especially for District 1 residents.

They talked about various topics through the meeting; things such as the water treatment plant and its $40,000,000 worth of expansions, the huge parks and recreation upgrades at Forsythe park and a big sanitation project at Texas & Standifer avenues regarding a new sewer trunk line.

They also talked about empty properties they eventually want to get making money again in the city, big upgrades coming to the Civic Center and upgrades to the airport; which include runway extensions and drainage, larger aircraft and a mothers room, so that mothers will be able to take care of their children in the restroom.

They also talked about nearly 13,000 bags of trash that they removed within the city last year, how they’re wanting to organize neighborhood safety centers and more COVID relief throughout the community.

They also talked about a blight boot camp project, upgrades to the Massur Museum and upgrades to the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo.

When it comes to the Monroe Fire Department, new trucks and a new mobile command, and on the Monroe Police Department side of things, an increase in patrol and a new kids program coming to the city.

“This is an opportunity to get out and see people all at once, communicate the same message. I personally like to get out and shake hands and talk to people, but it’s an opportunity to get together, everybody here. Not just myself or the mayor, but also what the department heads are doing for the city” says Councilman Doug Harvey of District 1.

All of these things will be ongoing over the next couple months to lasting over the next several years. So folks around the city need to be keeping an eye on all of the new things going on within Monroe.