Monroe City Council will vote on resolution that addresses illegal dumping


MONROE, LA (1/25/20)– The Monroe City Council board will be voting on a resolution that could help clean up district 4 neighborhoods and cut down on crime.

“I’m checking these trashes to see if I can find anything or somebody name on it a letter or something,” said Kenneth Wilson, City Councilman Dist. 4.

District 4 Monroe Councilman, Kenny Wilson, has been trying to address the illegal dumping and crime problem in south Monroe neighborhoods for his past two terms.

“This is very sad. This is very sad for district 4 and I’m asking citizens to please step up,” said Wilson.

On Tuesday, January 28th, Monroe council will vote on installing moveable cameras and metal trash bins around illegal dumpsites in district 4. This would allow people to throw trash in the dumpsters and for the Monroe Police Department to monitor who is illegally dumping.

“Overall I think what they are doing will help,” said Dee Square, Resident.

The trash has caused many problems. New homes are being built in the area and no one wants to live next to trash, district 4 was declined
Infrastructure improvements, and it has caused major drainage problems.

“We’re talking about investing in a 7 million dollar pump station. Can you imagine this debris getting into the pump? We will be right back where we started from,” said Wilson.

During Wilson’s last few months in the District 4 seat, he’s asking residents to take action and help tackle the fight on illegal dumping. This is something he’s willing to put his entire budget to.

“I’m using all my 10 thousand towards district 4. They deserve it. I want to do what’s right. I’m hoping the citizens will help me as I help them,” said Wilson.

Councilman Wilson says there are residents that are concerned and ready to take action. In addition to using the cameras for illegal dumping, MPD will be watching for crime and keeping residents safe.

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