MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Monroe City Council has approved the bidding process to repaint the Renwick Street bridge over Highway 165.

The bidding process to repaint the bridge has finally become a reality for those who have lived here over the years, but especially for those crossing the bridge. 

“The bridge plays a big major role. The people of the community have been looking for it to be reconstructed, get painted and everything, so it can be more, you know, mobile for the students, the kids, and the community.” Says a local resident, James Cooley.

Communication director, Michelli Martin, says the city engineer has estimated the project to be around $525.000. She says the  proposal for this anticipated project has been on the table for quite some time.  

“It’s a really exciting project. It’s something that the mayor has been looking at for a really long time. It’s actually the first project that left his desk as mayor so that we can get some movement on it.” Says Martin. 

Martin says the bridge is a foundational sound. The renovation will consist of painting the bridge with colors  blue and gold, and better lighting. 

Mayor Ellis reached out to doctor Erick Davis with ,Carroll High School, to get the right colors that needed to be on there. And also to get the logo, the bulldog logo as well, so we make sure that every aspect of this renovation is perfect.” Says Martin. 

Martin says the project will be a source of pride for the community. Although there’s no date on when the city will start the process, Martin says they are planning a meeting very soon.