VICKSBURG, Ms. (KTVE/KARD) — George Flaggs Jr., the Mayor of Vicksburg, is increasing the penalty for police officers who do not use their body cameras while on duty.

“What were doing in the city of Vicksburg is we have increased from a one day to a five day suspension for any police officer who does not where or turn on their body camera”, said Mayor Flaggs Jr. The increase in penalties stems from an officer related incident that took place over the holiday season.

The incident that went viral on December 26th happened on the 1300 block of Washington street in downtown Vicksburg. Officer Eddie Colbert was recorded by a woman bystander who saw the officer slap and put his knee on the back of the detained suspect. The woman posted the video to Facebook and other social media platforms. Officer Colbert’s body camera was off at the time of the incident.

Officer Colbert was suspended for fifteen days, received forty-five days of probation and was ordered to attend anger management. “Well if your looking to be hired as a Vicksburg police officer you must wear your body cam. It protects them, it protects the public and the suspect in which they’re arresting”, added Mayor Flaggs Jr.

The penalty for officers who do not wear their body cameras has gone from a one day suspension to a five day suspension indefinitely.