JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After weeks of rhetoric and warning signs, Russia’s military launched a long-feared invasion of Ukraine on Thursday. At the Mississippi State Capitol, lawmakers reacted to the attack.

“Somebody can take some sense into President Putin, so that he may realize he’s barking up the wrong tree,” said State Rep. Bo Brown (D-District 70).

“Veterans are slow to go to war because first off, we paid that price and our friends have died in those situations,” said State Rep. De’Keither Stamps (D-District 66).

As a veteran, he exercised caution in the longstanding Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“We want to be very careful of sending our troops back into a prolonged conflict where we’re just starting to extract ourselves from elongated conflicts across the world,” said Stamps.

Thursday’s attack followed lengthy, escalating tensions among the two countries with a complex history and prompted President Joe Biden to unveil a new round of sanctions.

“I certainly hope they can resolve this through diplomacy and sanctions and what have you, and I hope this does not last,” said Brown.