WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Summer days kicks off a little early with the start of Memorial Day weekend, travelers on the road in West Monroe, Louisiana filling up their tanks.

I spoke with a few out of towners who are feeling the pain of gas prices soaring high as they embark a busy weekend on the road.

“Well I feel about it right now that is pretty high, and I think that it does need to come down some because it is affecting us special knows who must travel from rule areas to get to town to work back-and-forth and I think it’s pretty high,” says Willie traveling from Mississippi.

Gas prices are normally higher in the summer months, however inflation has been on a rapid rise over the last year.

A traveler from a family traveling from Paris, Texas to Fort Walton Beach, Florida says “We didn’t realize it when we started traveling this weekend that it was memorial day weekend but the gas prices were it’s a little bit better as we’re going here we’re $4.19 at home and so it’s a little bit better this way,” says Fran.

she also mentions “I hope we don’t have to stop too many times to fill up but yeah it’s just it is what it is and so you know there’s nothing you can do about it at this point hopefully down the road something else I’ll give and so it’ll kind of all equal out,” says Fran.

Now as travelers say that gas prices are high especially during Memorial Day Weekend, one traveler says that gas prices are cheaper here in west Monroe then where they were coming from in Texas.