Millennials making trends with non-traditional weddings


Traditional weddings are not traditional anymore. Most weddings for millennials are outside or in some nice venues around the country. This according to

Some couples even travel to a location on where they want to be married. But with this new day and age of marriage, it also comes with a steep price and its usually out of the couples pockets.

“How millennials are funding their weddings. The tradition being that the brides family exclusively bares the cost of majority of weddings but we’re finding that a lot of millennial couples are chipping in large portions of the wedding reception and ceremony costs. Or there even crowd sourcing some of it”, said Outreach Manager Tricia Harte.

This new breed of millennials are also going away from non-religious ceremonies, more than half did not have a first dance at their reception, some did not have bouquet toss, but their honeymoon is very important to them.

“We saw that 50 percent of couples are asking for donations from their guests and family members to their wedding fund and about 1 in 5 say they asked for donations to a honeymoon fund instead of gifts. So this is one of those new trends that really didn’t exist before some of these crowdsourcing websites”, said Harte.

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