TALLULAH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Tallulah residents are a day away from voting for a new mayor for their city.

Two candidates with strong ties to the City of Tallulah are ahead of the runoff election for this April 30th.

KTVE spoke with both mayoral candidates and they told us about their proposals.

Incumbent Charles Finlayson secured 34 percent of the votes while Gloria Owens Hayden secured 18 percent of the citizens votes.

Improving Tallulah’s water system is both of the candidates main concerns. 

“Like I said, we’ve stabilized the city’s finances. We’ve had the first clean audit in almost 10 years.” Says Tallulah mayor, Charles Finlayson. 

“We’re going to reform the water plant which is in everybody’s mind. In that water plant there will be either refurbished or replaced. The four filters will be replaced.” Says Finlayson. 

“We need to get a better understanding about water plant.” Says mayoral candidate Gloria Owens Hayden. 

“Our water plant is in dire need of a filtration system, and we need to bring someone into Tallulah from the course of engineers and other people besides MacMan.” Added Hayden.   

Finlayson’s administration has also applied for all grants the city could qualify for to better the city including their sewer.  

“The sewer plant. We bought a new tractor there. We’ve done a lot of remodeling out there. We have a new head work system.” Says Finlayson 

“We had the dechlorination system in place. We’re waiting now to install two new aerators.” Explains Finlayson.

Meanwhile, Hayden says her main focus besides the water system is to build a recreational area for the youth.  

“It’s about all of us working together. The park is in pretty bad shape.” Says Hayden. 

“We need basketball goals, we need a volleyball net somewhere because summer is coming, and if the children are not doing nothing but walking on the streets, there’s nothing to do.” She added. 

Finlayson’s administration’s other proposals include adding a fire truck for their fire department while Hayden’s proposes to keep the city even cleaner.