Mayor Mitchel starts “Neighborhood walk and talk” program to visit with residents to hear concerns and needs


WEST MONROE, LA (4/16/20)– If you see the mayor walking, a golf cart, and a firetruck making it’s way down West Monroe neighborhoods, don’t run the other way. Mayor Staci Mitchel is checking up on residents and trying to bring a smiling face to those who may be struggling.

Residents in West Monroe have faced many challenges in the past few weeks, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the tornadoes that blew through the city.

“So if we could just walk through neighborhoods and just have people come out on their car ports or on their front porches, so everybody is a safe distance away, we could just check on our residents and our neighbors,” said Mayor Staci Mitchel , West Monroe Mayor.

Mayor Mitchel implemented a “neighborhood walk and talk” program through city neighborhoods.
However, she’s not only bringing cheer and a fire truck for the kids.

“Find out if they have any needs or if there is something we can do for them or direct them to a particular organization. Also just to say hi and make sure everybody is doing okay,” said Mayor Mitchel.

Mayor Mitchel says she cares for the community and believes it’s important to check in on each other, and here recently that’s been more difficult than usual.

“The hardest thing about this pandemic is not being out and about and not getting to see everyone. I love to see people, I love to check on people whether it be at the grocery store or at church or at restaurants,” said Mayor Mitchel.

Residents in these neighborhoods have been very receptive to the help and services provided to them. The Mayor says she’s thankful for a community that looks out for each other.

“I also want to say thank you to the community. It’s been a lot of great community support not only for the city and our residents during this covid-19 pandemic but also because of the tornado Sunday,” said Mayor Mitchel.

The Mayor is still encouraging people to practice social distancing. Tomorrow Mayor Mitchel and some other city officials will be walking through the Sunshine Heights neighborhood from 2 to 4.
If you would like to talk with her or see the firetruck, sit outside your house and she’ll make sure to stop.

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