Masks on or off? Gov. Edwards lets local businesses decide


WEST MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– It’s now up to local government leaders and business owners to decide what they prefer- mask on or mask off. This comes after Governor John Bel Edwards made the announcement Tuesday afternoon, lifting Louisiana’s statewide mask mandate.

“I think everybody is.. they’re ready to take them off,” Patty Fuller, Manager of Walsworth & Company, said. “If they feel comfortable with them off, then I think that’s great.”

Most owners in Antique Alley are leaving it up to customers. They say it’s important to let customers have the option to allow them to feel more comfortable while shopping.

“If a person feels like they want to still wear it, if they feel more protection that way, of course that is at their own discretions, but as a business we will not be having people wear them,” Fuller said.

Karen Laban, Owner of Spice and Tea Exchange, said leaving it up to customers takes the weight off of her employees shoulders.

“You never know if they have some kind of health issue, id they can’t wear their mask or what their situation is as to why they won’t wear a mask and so it makes it easier on me as the owner that my employees don’t have to get confrontational with anyone,” Laban said.

Laban said while they are not requiring customers to wear masks, her employees will continue to wear them while handling products.

“If they don’t feel comfortable talking to us without our mask on, we’ll be more than happy to slip it on just for their comfort level,” Laban said.

Now there are some businesses who have owners who are considered high risk. Those stores are requiring masks upon entry, so make sure to look for signs before walking in.

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