Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School’s Lights on After School Assembly


Monroe, La. (KTVE/KARD)– Martin Luther King, Jr. Junior High School had their Lights on After School assembly with some motivational speakers to encourage students to continue focusing on their studies.

ANITA TENNANT-MACK- “The community you build now starts with you, Because what you do now in this community is going to determine the type of community that you live in five years from now”

MARYHA CLARK- “It’s like a way of learning and catching up on all your work because you learn new things everyday once you come and once you do your homework you dont have to worry about it when you go home so its easier to concentrate “

DR. CRAIG COMANCHE- “Your responsibility is to get up and come to school and learn, say that with me, you never want to stop learning”

MADISYN WILHITN- “People don’t really talk about breast cancer that much because its kind of a sad thing to talk about. So I drew this because the background is like a smokey purpleish color and i did the breast cancer sign because its also about my Titi. She had breast cancer before I was born and she was able to survive it so I did it for her also.”

JACQUELYN FLOOD-ANDERSON- “We believe in you, we know that there is absolutely nothing that you can’t do if you set your mind to it”

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