MANGHAM, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Communities across Richland Parish are coming together to raise funds for Mangham Chief of Police Perry Fleming who was injured in a vehicle crash a few weeks ago.

Mangham police officer Brent Purvis says the Mangham Police Department, local shop owners, and citizens are standing strong to support the cause.

“When you serve your community and the people, and you are there the way he is, you expect nothing less. You get what you give. And he has definitely given a lot over the years. It is tremendous to see the amount of support that he is getting now.

Chief Fleming has been serving his community for almost three decades. With the permission of his family, KTVE can share images from the three-vehicle crash between Tallulah and Waverly that left him with severe injuries.

“He has suffered a broken rib under the collarbone area. Has a severe neck injury. They put eight screws in his neck. He had a piece of broken bone.”

Even though Fleming has gone through extensive rehab, Pervis says he is doing a lot better. He has now started a benefit raffle to help with medical expenses.

“December 1st, we are raffling off a gun ticket. The raffle is going to be for a gun. It’s separate from the GoFundMe.”

Meanwhile, the owner of Honey’s restaurant, in Mangham, Jessica Wiggers, is also stepping in to make a difference.

“His family has a serving heart, and they help those in need. And we appreciate all they have done for us in the community. Perry and his family are part of Honey’s family, and we are happy to help them.”

To support this cause, you can make payments through Paypal to @kristifleming1, or through Venmo to @kfleming4, or stop by the Mangham Police Department or Honey’s Restaurant to purchase these raffle tickets. For more information click here.