MONROE, La. — (9/18/19) Three additional people were arrested in connection to methamphetamine investigation by Metro Narcotics Unit.

Per the police reports, all subjects were at the home with Farrar. During the vehicle search, a number of purses containing drugs belonging to Tori Mitchell, Briana Musgrove and Autumn Kirby were discovered.

A grey purse belonging to 18-year-old Tori Mitchell of Picayune, MS contained an Oxycodone pill. Mitchell told authorities the purse was hers but did not know who the pill belonged to.

She was charged with Illegal Possession of Stolen Things and Possession with intent/distribute/manufactor of CDS-II.

Her bond was set at $9,500.

Tori Mitchell (Courtesy of OPSO)

A brown purse belonging to 22-year-old Briana Musgrove of Bastrop contained a small clear bag of oxycodone/hydrocodone pills. The glove box of the vehicle held a THC brownie.

Musgrove claimed ownership of the marijuana and pills.

She was charged with Simple Possession of marijuana and two counts of Possession of Schedule II.

Her bond was set at $9,750.

Briana Musgrove (Courtesy of OPSO)

The also search yielded a pink purse belonging to 21-year-old Autumn Kirby of Bastrop containing three pill bottles. Two bottles contained methamphetamine and one bottle contained ecstasy.

Kirby said the ecstasy was hers but claimed no knowledge of the two bottles of methamphetamine.

She was charged with Possession of CDS II and Possession of CDS I.

Her bond was set at $9,000.

Autumn Kirby (Courtesy of OPSO)

STERLINGTON, La. – (9/18/19) Authorities say they have arrested Aaron Joseph Farrar after the Metro Narcotics Unit (MNU) intercepted suspected Methamphetamine that was intended for delivery to his home.

During an investigation, the MNU say they intercepted a package that contained 8 grams of suspected Methamphetamine which prompted a search warrant for Arron Farrar.

Officials say after they witnessed Farrar accept the package, they made entry into the residence where the MNU say they found numerous other illegal items including a .40 caliber glock and a stolen Toyota Camry, missing from Florida.

Authorities confirmed that the handgun belonged to Farrar via witness statements.

According to the arrest report, several other detained subjects at the residence gave statements saying Farrar stole the Toyota Camry and was expecting the suspected Methamphetamine to be delivered.

While awaiting an interview at the MNU headquarters, officials say Farrar attempted to escape the interview room by standing on the chair and attempting to climb out of the room through the ceiling breaking several ceiling tiles.

Aaron Farrar was transported to Ouachita Correctional Center where he is being held on a $56,500 bond.

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