LINCOLN PARISH, La. (8/7/19)– Terrorizing threats of going into schools with guns blazing has landed one man behind bars.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s deputies arrested 21-year-old Maxwell Goldman of Minnesota after he made threats to shoot up two high schools in the Minneapolis area.

Goldman was being held in a mental health facility in Lincoln Parish when he wrote a letter to an employee detailing his intentions.

“When he was released from the facility, he intended to buy firearms and travel out of state and cause harm to individuals at two different schools,” said Stephen Williams, Public Information Officer with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Goldman went into great detail on how he would get the weapons and how he would execute his plan. Deputies received a warrant and arrested him for terroristic threats.

This incident, happening just days before classes begin.

With school right around the corner, it’s important for parents, teachers and students to know exactly what to do if a threat is made.

We met with Lincoln Parish Superintendent Mike Milstead to see what steps would be taken if a threat was made by a student at our schools.

“We have individuals in our school system who are specialists in threat assessments. One of the first things we’d do is make sure that somebody like that gets with that individual and that a threat assessment test is administered,” said Milstead.

Milstead says law enforcement would immediately be informed and that parents would receive a mass text. He also says there is seven school resource officers present in the parish.

The most important thing to remember: always report.

“Please pay attention to anything out of the ordinary, make sure that it’s reported to the local authorities,” said Williams.

Goldman is being held on $500,000 bond.

There will be a school safety seminar in Lincoln Parish next Tuesday, August 13 starting at Louisiana Tech and ending at Ruston High School.