FERRIDAY, La. (KTVE/KARD) — According to the Ferriday Police Department, while working on a 3 car wreck along Louisiana Ave. and E.E. Wallace Blvd., a woman approached the scene with a bloody eye.

The woman appeared to have a deep cut above her left eye. The victim told police that Karvin Dotson was the one responsible for her injury. Karvin Dotson was identified as the boyfriend of the victim’s sister.

While the victim was giving a ride to her sister and her boyfriend, the victim’s sister and Dotson began to engage in a verbal altercation in the backseat of the vehicle.

The victim pulled over and asked Dotson to exit the vehicle, but he proceeded to threaten to kill the victim and her sister. Dotson grabbed a sharp object from his waistband and jabbed the victim numerous times before fleeing.

While the police tended to the victims injuries, Dotson arrived at the scene. Officers took Dotson into custody and charged him with aggravated second degree battery. His bond is currently set at $25,000.