EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — An 18-year-old from Eunice was arrested over the weekend for attempted murder after the gun he tried to fire at a person jammed, according to Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot.

Victor Jordan, Jr. is facing charges of attempted first-degree murder (four counts) and criminal damage to property.

On April 15, Jordan flagged down a vehicle occupied by four people, then approached the vehicle and asked the driver if he wanted to buy a gun, Fontenot said.

Jordan was pointing the gun directly at the driver’s face, and the driver pushed it away. Jordan then pulled the trigger, but it jammed, according to Fontenot. Jordan then allegedly started to pull back the slide of the handgun to chamber another round.

The driver of the vehicle quickly drove away, and as the car sped away, two shots were fired at and hit the car.

Jordan was arrested on April 24.