Louisiana tech’s student government starts campus conversation on gender identity and Title IX


RUSTON, LA (1/10/20)– Louisiana Tech’s Student Government passed its first trans and non-binary resolution. However, there has been a lot of confusion about what actually is being passed.

“I think it’s important to treat all students on campus with the same level of dignity and decency,” said Shawn Igou, member of PRISM (LaTech’s LGBTQ Organization.)

Louisiana Tech students are hoping to bring change to campus as they start a conversation about gender identity.

“This resolution is not asking for anything to be changed or added. It is specifically asking for an interpretation,” said Luke Seaton, member of SGA, wrote the resolution, and president of Transgender Advocacy Group.

A resolution was written about gender identity protections under the title IX policy. Title IX talks about no discrimination against race, gender, and sex. Originally, the word “Sex” included trans and non-binary people.

“In 2017 those guidelines were repealed so that is no longer enforced. There is no longer a discrimination protection for gender identity and transgender people inforced on campuses. It is up to universities to choose these guidelines as they see fit,” said Seaton.

Tech University’s Student Government passed this resolution with 20 yes’, 6 no’s, and 6 abstentions.

“The backlash that was seen was primarily coming from a point of “I just don’t get it.” I like that a lot better than purposeful hatred,” said Igou.

SGA officials say many on campus and in the community have been confused about what is being asked.

“Number 1 priority with this resolution was really just to assure the safety of trans and non-binary students on this campus,” said Katelyn Cavell, President PRISM (LGBTQ organization).

The resolution has nothing to do with bathrooms, dorms, or sports. Members of the campus LGBTQ organization say they are excited that other students showed up to the SGA meeting and are being supportive.

“People who aren’t aware of the issue might kind of learn more about it,” said Theo Robison, member of PRISM (LaTech’s LGBTQ organization).

“It’s very heartwarming to see when they don’t come from the same life experience that they still support what we are going through,” said Igou.

SGA asked for a letter from Louisiana Tech’s administration giving an interpretation of the word “sex” in the title 9 policy. They are hoping to receive that letter soon.

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