RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD) – Three days after a fatal stabbing at the Lambright Sports and Wellness Center, students are back in the building, seemingly without a trace of any incident. When speaking with students on Thursday, they feel the campus is secure.

“I feel safe.” Third-year student Mason Senat told NBC10 News on Thursday. “Mostly because Tech PD we’re on the scene in, I believe four minutes, and they apprehended the suspect extremely quickly.”

“I’ve seen more police presence around here after everything that’s happened,” said freshman Ayden Tracy. “There’s a guy in there sitting around watching right now.”

Around the campus on Thursday, the feeling seemed like that of a normal day. Students were out and walking around and going to the gym. But some students still find themselves looking over their shoulder.

“I think it is a freak accident, but I think there is more tension,” Tracy said. “I found myself looking behind my shoulder as I was walking out so obviously people will be more on alert after something like this has happened.”

“After the incident, there was an unsettling feeling in the area. Like a ‘wow this happened on our campus.'” said Charles Strother, who’s a junior at Tech.

Students have been happy with the response from the Ruston police department and campus police. The suspect, Jacoby Johnson was caught within minutes of the stabbings. However, students still would like extra sets of eyes in the area.

“Just more police presence,” Tracy stated. “With everything going on these days you can’t have too much presence of police around here and I think what they’re doing with having people stand in, there’s a guy out there sitting in the lobby. There are more people running around here in police cars and whatnot. I think they’re doing their best.”

Johnson is being charged with one count of second-degree murder and three counts of attempted second-degree murder. Louisiana State Police have taken over the investigation.