BATON ROUGE, La. (NBC Local 33) (FOX 44) — (7/24/19) The majority of Louisiana politicians within the Louisiana Congressional Delegation sided with President Donald Trump when it came to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Rep. Cedric Richmond (LA-D) sits on the House Judiciary Committee and questioned Mueller during the hearing. “Would you say that,” said Richmond, “the President tried to hamper the investigation by asking staff to falsify records relevant to your investigation?”

“I’d refer you to the report, if I could, for the review of that episode,” replied Mueller.

Mueller, often concise with his answers, directed members to refer to the wording in his official report on multiple occasions.

Sen. John Kennedy (LA-R) said he hoped the hearing would not taint the country’s perception of the former FBI director.

“It’s sad,” said Kennedy. “Bob Mueller has served this country well and honorably. I hope this isn’t the American people’s last memory of him.”

Rep. Ralph Abraham, who is also a gubernatorial candidate, had a similar response. “It’s time to move on, the American people are tired of this mess. They’re tired of this debacle.”

Joshua Darr, PhD. is a professor of political communications at LSU. He said there is one key take-away that came about during questioning, which the American people should consider.

Darr said Mueller answered a straight-forward yes to one pivotal question by the panel:

Will President Trump be able to be charged with attempted obstruction of justice after he (leaves) office?


Meanwhile, gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone tweeted his reaction to Mueller’s testimony:

Darr said Congress is tasked with whether to charge President Trump with the only crime in the country that doesn’t take place in the courts.

“That is because if the President can not be charged with a crime while in office, there is a mechanism for prosecuting the President while in office — it’s impeachment.”

NBC Local 33 attempted to contact Gov. John Bel Edwards for a response however, a reply was not received prior to publication.