Monroe, La. (KTVE/KARD) — There are 19 mayor seats up for grabs in the November 8 election. KTVE looks at 4 of those races

Mayoral candidates for the town of Sterlington.

“I’m going to see the sewer rates. I’m going to start cleaning up our town making sure it looks beautiful. I’m going to look into bringing those businesses that have already called me,” said Republican Lucia “Lucy” Holtzclaw.

“We have to rebuild our police department and aggressively tackle the debt, and go after fundings. Obviously we are trying to attract business to Sterlington,” said Republican

“Matt” Talbert.

“It’s going to be the continuing work on economic development and making sure that the town of Sterlington is set for future success,” explained incumbent Caesar Velasquez.

Mayoral candidates for the City of Grambling. 

“So, we would like to continue the projects that we have already started,” said democratic  incumbent Edwards R. Jones.  

“I would like to add that we are going to upgrade our fire department. We are going to update our water system and sewer system,” said democratic Toby B. Bryan. 

Mayoral candidates for the Village of Choudrant

“Running for a race is sharing people’s problems and concerns and starting organizing projects for the future,” said Republican Brandon J. Milner.

“We are constantly trying to improve the quality of life here for all those who try to make Choudrant home,” said Republican “Bill” Sanderson.