DISCLAIMER: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) Blaison Comeaux owns Faces with Talent Modeling Agency in Breaux Bridge, La., and has recently fallen under accusations of being a scam artist.

Two aspiring models, Jasmyne Baldock, 24, from Chicago, Ill., and Geraldine Similien, 32, from Boston, Mass, are sharing their experiences dealing with Comeaux with hopes of bringing awareness to other women chasing their dreams.

Both women say they have lost over $22K between the two of them combined.  

In the beginning, I didn’t want to believe it just because everything sounded so real at the time.

Jasmyne Boldock, aspiring model.

However, as time passed, Boldock says her dreams and goals of becoming a fashion model became blurred as the reality of the opportunity was revealed.

You really try to put aside all of the negative things that people are telling you in regard to this man, and this company and this big fraud scheme that he’s been doing since 2013. 

Jasmyne Boldock, aspiring model

Boldock says the Faces with Talent team expressed interest in her by commenting on one of her Instagram posts in February.

“I had to send him a $500 payment upfront, which he said was going to cover my two inquiry sessions for Calvin Klein and Coca-Cola, which I never even ended up doing. Moving forward, he basically just pressured me to continue sending more money for all of these big brand names, like Victoria’s Secret, Forbes Magazine”, Boldock explained.

So far, she says, no money has come from her money transactions after signing up for 20 photo shoots.

So, adding it all up together it was very close to around $20K, and that’s money that I had saved up. Money spent out of my own pocket. He wasn’t planning any shoots to do with me. Things would always come up like there was a death in his family or he was sick, or he was in an accident or even his roof caved in.

Jasmyne Boldock, aspiring model

Similien, who was also trying to pursue her dream as an aspiring model, said she was contacted under one of her Instagram posts last December.

“Obviously I was interested, and I sent him so,me money and then I met other people from there like his assistant and other people who worked with him,” Similien says.

Similien said she was also told she needed to pay $500 to do a photo shoot and out of pocket to book her flight to the location.

Similien also shared she had another option to pay $750 to cover the flying and photoshoot.

Similien never got the chance to be in any photoshoots and never signed a contract.

Similien did not sign a contract with the agency and never participated in any photoshoots. However, the aspiring model lost a total of $1,400.  

From then on, I just kind of cut it off. I didn’t even like to approach him on it or act aggressively because it was kind of stupid if you’re lying continuously about the whole thing and I just don’t see what the point was of arguing.

Geraldine Similien, aspiring model

News 10 learned that the agency has also been accused of using a fake publication to lure aspiring models.  

“One of the pictures I did for my portfolio, he posted in a Hip Hop Billboard publication.

“I later realized that this was a fake publication as well and that I wasn’t posted on it. Reading it, I realized that the link that they sent me just looked off for one, but I didn’t really think too much into it, and then the article that was written about me, there were just a lot of misspellings and typos and things that didn’t make sense.”  

Both models advised they did not file a complaint with their local authorities. However, the two models are fighting to get their money refunded. The models expressed their hopes and desire for justice to be served one day.

Lafayette Police Department Spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green shared that although they have a complaint report, the case is inactive.

The report’s synopsis states that the complainant advised that two known females have been slandering his name and sending him death threats on Instagram. He suggested that he did photoshoots with the females for Calvin Klein and Coca-Cola. He said they each cash app him $1000.00 for two shoots. He advised the shoot was supposed to be for their portfolio, but the weather was too bad to do the photo shoots. He announced he woke up the following day to death threats. Voice recordings have been uploaded to the report.

News 10 reached out to the owner about the allegations. Comeaux initially agreed to an interview, then rescinded, stating he wanted to speak with an attorney.