BATON ROUGE, La. (BRProud) – Rylee Johnson is not the average high school senior as she juggles school work, being a hostess after school at a local restaurant and also being an intern at Atlas Dermatology. She does all of this while maintaining a 4.53 GPA.

“I want to go to med school and I know for a fact if that dream were to happen, I have to keep that GPA up and keep those grades up,” says Johnson.

Rylee received a full scholarship to LSU where she will begin her journey to studying to become a pediatrician. Her inspiration came from watching her younger sister battle health issues.

“My sister, when we were younger, had a lot of health problems. Before age 2, she had seizures constantly. At age 4, she had to get her appendix out because it was hours away from rupturing.”

There she saw the care from doctors and nurses and wants to do the same for other young children and their families.

“I want to be that doctor for other people making sure not only is my patient okay and they’re healthy, but their family is also okay.”

With graduation around the corner, Rylee hopes to inspire other young people they can do it all and make their dreams come true.

“Just keep pushing. I know that sounds cliché and most people just laugh that off but it honestly is. As a teenager and high schooler heading to college, it can be stressful, but you have to keep pushing. You have to keep that end goal in mind and just remember this is what I want to do.”

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