Louisiana Delta Community College brings new investment to Monroe’s campus


It’s an over $400,000 investment that will pay off once students enter the workforce.

“They have the hands on training of applications so when they go to work there able to immediately make impact,” said Dennis Epps, Chancellor of Louisiana Delta Community College.

The hands on training unit gives students like Adam Taylor real world experience, he’ll need once he graduates.

“Better worker, better person, which are what companies are looking for, they’re looking for people who are willing to try harder do better and who are well prepared and that is what delta is provided,” said Adam Taylor, senior at Louisiana Delta Community College.

The hot unit is an industrial plant simulator that creates scenarios students could find themselves facing in future work.

“Gives our students the opportunity to go out and turn valves, read instruments and these are type of the same pieces of equipment that they will see in the industry,” said Charles Stevenson, Instructor of Regional Technology.

It also helps educate them on the right procedures in the event of a chemical spill or accident.

“We talk about the safety aspect of the equipment, the instruments and the flow and then what will happen if one fails because we want them to work safely and in a safe environment,” said Charles Stevenson, Instructor of Regional Technology.

It’s advancements like these that University Chancellor Dennis Epps, hopes will attract more students.

“Fields like process technology, instrumentation hard industrial skills are very good jobs and a lot of students really I hope they explore these opportunities with us,” said Epps.

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