SCOTT, La. (KLFY) — A six-week old baby from Scott is finally back home after spending all of his very young life in the hospital. 

Carter Jude Leblanc was born April 12, 2022 via emergency C-section when his heart stopped beating.

He was resuscitated and appeared to be doing great at first; however, soon afterward, he began having seizures and was administered anti-seizure medication.

On April 20, he was taken to Children’s’ Hospital in New Orleans for treatment.

“I was nervous because the doctors had been doing everything for us, but now we got to do it.  We got to figure it out,” his father Jaron Leblanc says.

“He’s a fighter for sure and has overcome a lot that the doctors said he would never do.”

Carter’s parents says they are now confident their miracle baby will grow to do even more.

“All his stats are good.  Everything is like normal, like nothing happened to him.”

With the Leblanc’s facing mounting medical debt, a GoFundMe account was setup and thousands of dollars were poured in to help.

Carter’s parents say they are forever grateful for the outpouring of love.  

“We were very surprised with everybody donating money.  It was very humbling that people still care in this world.”