WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The recent leak of a draft opinion showing that a majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices may overturn Roe v. Wade has raised questions about whether states might regulate contraceptives.

Louisiana State Representative, Danny McCormick’s Bill 813, “The Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act of 2022″, is going to the House for debate and final passage on May 12. But what could this mean for the future to access emergency contraceptives such as plan B?

“That’s never been up to discussion for us. I don’t proceed with it but I can never say what a colleague will not do, but it’s never been one of those things that has been discussed,” said Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson. 

Meanwhile, whether plan B, currently over the counter, could be in danger of being banned, Jackson says “the morning-after pill” is not classified as an abortion pill.

“The FDA classifies it as contraceptive, and they go into details on why they are classified as contraceptive because it can not terminate, you know, pregnancy,” Jackson said. 

“Birth control is in place which is a great thing. I use it myself, it helps you to be proactive. I have a problem when it’s used to be reactive like plan B. You can prevent it ahead of time,” said a local resident Rebekah Pollock. 

Brianna, another local resident, disagreed. She says plan B is a contraceptive that should be available for anyone. 

“It needs to be out there for us, but what are we gonna do? Obviously we don’t have a say so,” said a local resident Brianna. 

Meanwhile, Jackson wants to remind all citizens that contraceptives are still available in order to prevent abortions from happening. 

“Contraceptives are little to not cost under Medicaid, and abortion costs hundreds of hundreds of dollars,” Jackson said.

House Bill 813 also calls for the removal or impeachment of judges that overrule or void any provision of the act.