It was a very emotional day around the country as Bill Cosby, a man who was sent to prison in 2018 for sexually assaulting a woman in 2004 , is now allowed to walk free due to a technicality in the prosecution.

John Sikes, a local Monroe resident said today that “It’s crazy, the fact that he gets out of prison just off a technicality, when everybody knows the stuff he did, all the allegations were proven facts, he went and drugged these women did terrible things to them, and I just think it’s terrible idea for to let him out”

Yolanda Bias, the Coordinator of Sexual Assault Prevention at the Wellspring in Monroe said that her thoughts automatically go to those survivors of sexual assault.

Bias wants to make sure that anyone who is out there struggling with sexual assault knows that there is a place to go, and a place that wants to help.

“There is a trained advocate that can be there with you if you decide to report if you decide to go to the emergency room. There are also counseling for survivors of sexual assault that’s offered through the Wellspring, and we are the accredited Sexual Assault Centre for Northeast Louisiana.” Bias said.

Marissa Mayo is an employee at Brass Monkey, a bar in Monroe and said that the best way to stay safe when out at the bars is being comfortable with your surroundings.

“Go somewhere where you feel safe somewhere with good security where you know they’re watching out for your back, because as women sometimes we don’t necessarily always see when situations are going bad until it’s too late.”