Locals protest ICE at the Richwood Correctional Center where detainees are being held


RICHWOOD, LA (11/02/19)– After an ICE detainee at the Richwood Correctional Center committed suicide, people from different backgrounds and races joined together to protest against ICE.

“We’re always going to be minorities, its always going to be that way, its never gonna change,” said one protester.

While America advertises freedom, officials say there is over 60 thousand ICE detainees being held captive, separated from family and alone.

“There is a specific way of being or looking for you to be accepted in the United States,” said Angel Carabello, Protesting for his significant other.

Many gathered to protest ICE at the Richwood Correctional Center where their loved ones have been locked up… for months.

“My significant other has been in there for 8 months and he doesn’t show any threat. I’m an american citizen, I have everything to show that I will be supporting him through all the situations, through all the paper work….and they don’t care about that,” said Carabello.

Protesters say immigrants just want to escape the crime in their country, not start it here. Others calling out the meaning of a statement we all know as Americans.

“If in God we trust, then we have to love everyone and share God’s love,” said one Protester.

Whatever your race or ethnicity, supports said it didn’t matter, working together was the goal.

“To come and see this, not only us Latinos, but Americans actually here doing something, i’m very happy. It’s not about race, its not about color, its about unity,” said Carabello.

Locals say this is a small effort to change the reality for immigrants in Richwood.

“Take time to listen to peoples stories, imagine yourself in that position or your grandkids or kids,” Said Protestor.

The protesters made it very clear that they are not bashing officers or management at the correctional center, but ICE itself.

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