Locals gather to plan efforts in saving the Old Baskin High School


BASKIN, LA (09/19/19)–Old Baskin High School, a National Registered Historic Building, has managed to stay standing despite the school board wanting to tear it down. Now locals are acting fast in the 12th hour of demolition.

Those who have grown up in the Baskin community are trying to save their beloved old high school before it’s turned into rubble.

“This building is Baskin, this building is us, it’s our history, it’s heritage,” said Justin Lord, Committee Member on Restoring the Baskin High School.


The only way to keep the school standing is to convince the superintendent and the school board that the building could be repurposed into something else

“We’re willing to be the ones who pound the payment, put our feet to the ground and actually go forward and get the necessary paperwork, get the necessary funding, whatever we can do to help to take the load completely off of him,” said Lord.

The community is asking the school board to give them 5 years to apply for grants and fix the school up.

“Just give us a chance to see what we can do and we have those grants that are there for us, so just at least let us apply for them. Let us makes some restoration and restore our heart,” said Angie Pierce, Member of Baskin Community.

Some ideas included a multi-purpose building, an event venue, a museum, Even a school itself.

“I think the auditorium would be able to have graduations, have dance recitals, have school functions there,” said Pierce.

It’s not just an old building but a place with memories, basketball championships, and for some falling in love with their teacher’s daughter.

“I ended up marrying her daughter, she always told me that if she knew I was going to marry her daughter she would have thrown me out of the high school,” said Roy Lord, Committee Member on Restoring the Baskin High School.

Locals say some things are worth fighting for and ultimately this is their Hail Mary. There is a petition going around for locals and others to sign.

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