WEST MONROE, La. (9/4/19)– In the age of social media, the users of our digital world are always eager to parade their acts of kindness.

For Ramona Bullard, it’s never been about the recognition.

“With the school supplies and stuff, and even the clothing for school, it’s because I don’t want them to start the year off being different and bullied. I think the year if it starts on the right note, it will continue on the right note,” said Bullard.

Bullard has dedicated her life to quietly helping others in need. It all began when her and a close friend started doing charity work together.

For Bullard, children have always been her priority.

“Children a lot of time bear the burden of what a parent has done or what a parent can’t do,” said Bullard.

Whether the children are coming from homes of poverty, addiction or abuse, Bullard goes out of her way to buy them clothes, shoes, school supplies–even haircuts.

“She’s an angel on earth, I’ve told her a thousand times but she don’t believe it,” said Erin Landers.

Landers met Bullard online while looking for affordable clothes for her four children. Since they’ve met, Bullard has never left her side.

“It’s really hard to find someone like that, you know?” said Landers.

Wherever Ramona goes, she has a trunk full of clothing and school supplies for kids. She has so many donations, she has a storage locker full of goods.

The work never seems to stop for Bullard, but she says it’s all worth it.

“You really want to instill that self esteem and that self worth and that love into a child when they’re young, and let them know that somebody cares,” said Bullard.

Bullard is always taking donations and often matches any money she receives with her own to help local families. If you’re interested to donating clothing, shoes, hygiene products or other items to Bullard’s cause, contact her on Facebook: Ramona Hodge Bullard.