MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – 90-year-old Joyce Parkerson’s paintings are taking people’s breath away. An inspiration she is now sharing with the community.  

There is something about art and your inner self that draws you to produce something,” said Parkerson. “Express yourself. And that is what painting is, an expression of yourself. Your inner self. If it makes you feel something inside, you need to paint something; whether it is a cat or a dog or something like that,” explained Parkerson.

Parkerson had a degree in Communication Arts, but she has been painting for decades before she took a break. But there is one specific piece that has brought the attention of residents of the senior living community at the Gardens of Somerset inspired by Moses and the Burning Bush.

“You paint your canvas and paint your white in canvas. You sketch it off and paint that white first, and then you take your excerpts from storia Moses and the Burning Bush that I pasted in there,” said Parkerson. 

Although the Moses and the Burning Bush piece was painted 15 years ago, Parkerson says this painting is a reminder to never stop doing what you love. Gardens of Somerset Activities Director, Heather Hurley says, Parkerson’s painting is now on display as a representation of hope. 

“I was amazed. I wished I could have painted something like that. Her family brought this painting up here to put it in her apartment, and I saw it and I knew that it needed to be hung somewhere for everyone to see.”

The painting is now on display at the facility’s art gallery. Parkerson says she is motivated to continue painting as she works on a beautiful butterfly painting for her granddaughter.  

“Maybe God intended for me to paint this, and to maybe instill some love in someone’s heart. 

There is no way that I will stop painting. I just have to go ahead and paint.”