WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – Gas prices continue to rise and June 6 marks another record high. KTVE spoke with several locals and they say it’s now affecting them to the point where they have to decide between food and gas. 

“It’s like when you’re a single mother and raising children, you have to decide on whether you’re gonna get a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk,” said Dianne Perrine. “You just can’t. You have to decide whether you get food or gas.”

As of June 6th, the highest recorded average price for regular gas in Louisiana is $4.45, and Diesel sits at $5.23, according to AAA. 

Perrine says it’s been difficult to even fill up her tank at this point.

“And I can’t even fill it up. That’s not even over half of the tank now. So, I don’t go anywhere,” she added. 

Elijah Cartar, another local resident, says he spends hundreds of dollars just to fill up his tank. 

“You spend so much money just to get to the grocery store and then you’re gonna spend two hundred dollars to get three bags of groceries right now,” Cartar said. “I don’t know how people are making it. I don’t even remember what it used to be to fill up my truck about two years ago. I know this, yesterday, was $136.00”  

Tommy Gilmer, another local, says he uses enough gas just to get by. He says not eating out as much has helped him save some cash. 

“Groceries are more expensive but it is still cheaper than going out. just enough to get by hoping that the prices will go down the next day.” 

According to AAA, the current average price for a gallon of regular gas in Monroe is $4.45

  • Yesterday’s average price was $4.73
  • A week ago – it was $4.11
  • A month ago – $3.11
  • A year ago — $2.63

And in El Dorado, Arkansas the current average is $4.40

  • Yesterday avg. $4.39
  • A week ago avg. $4.13
  • A month ago avg. $3.88
  • A year ago avg. $2.77