(KTVE/KARD) The life of late governor Edwards has mixed reviews among the residents of Louisiana. But the love he had for his state is agreed on by many of his colleagues.

We’ll start with former Senator and Representative Mike Walsworth. While he never served with the late Governor, he remembers many fond memories of him.

“The ultimate politician, I mean, he had more charisma than anyone I’ve ever seen. I can remember, I’ve never served with him but I remember being in a meeting with him and some business guys and, they didn’t like him al all.

By the time we’re all walking out, they’re all laughing, and one guy just says ‘what happened to us, and I said ‘you’ve been Edwinized’, he just had that ability of getting along with people and calming you down a little bit

A lot of ability, he could he could have lead us wherever he wanted to lead us so, you can’t say he wasn’t the ultimate politician, great guy to, with the people of Louisiana and loved Louisiana. he’s been an icon for a long time in Louisiana politics” Walsworth said.

Representative Francis Thompson also recalls memories of the late Governor.

“I was saddened to learn of the passing of my long-time friend, former Governor Edwin Edwards.

He was very close to my family and frequently called checking on me and my family. He never forgot the names of anyone. Until recently, Governor Edwards stayed in good health and stayed physically fit.

I was always amazed at his quick-wit. He was always ready with a response to every question. He was not only intelligent and well-educated, but he could find common sense solutions to the problems of the State.

Governor Edwards loved hunting and was one of the best wing shooters that I’ve ever witnessed. We traveled on deer hunts to south for Texas many years. Almost every time he got the big buck!

He was a great governor who got things done for the State of Louisiana, with a real interest in our rural communities. He loved the people of the state – The more the merrier!” Thompson said.

We were not always on the same side on different issues, but he was never disagreeable. At the end of the day, we worked together for the good of the State and for Northeast Louisiana.”

Even the current Lieutenant Governor William Nungesser had a few words for the late Governor.

“Through all of the troubled times the Governor had, his love for Louisiana’s people was never questioned, and he became a good friend of mine in the last several years. Remember when Gov. Treen worked to get him pardoned by President Bush after they had a bit of campaign to come together and become friends shows what Louisiana is all about, we can work through those differences. We’re praying for his family during this difficult time” Nungesser said.