JONESVILLE, La. (KTVE/KARD)– A local addiction recovery ministry in Jonesville is helping some men and women across the country with an addiction problem.  

This unique faith-based facility called “Almost Home” opened back in 2018, and ever since it has changed hundreds of people’s lives.

“Me personally, I overdosed so many times, and God restored that and he had a bigger plan which was today for me to be here,” said Kody Saucier, a former drug abuser who arrived at the facility in 2021. 

Saucier says “Almost Home” has turned her life around and now she wants to raise awareness.

“Even in my darkest times God was there. I would like to raise overdose awareness.” 

Founder and executive director of the facility, Debbi McClure, says it’s all about helping through ‘tough love.’ 

“Everything has to fall in line. You are going to quit being manipulative, you’re going to quit being rebellious, you’re gonna quit being a liar. You are not going to be who you used to be. You know, they don’t have to be perfect here.”

“Almost Home” also helps mothers and their children get back on their feet with several programs offered at the facility, McClure mentions a few of them. 

“We have a AAA Sober Recovery, we have a Fear class, we have Anger, we have Grief.” 

McClure says the non-profit facility was born as a place to provide a home to those who need it and slowly grew with donations. 

“Everything is donated. When we pay people to work here, it all comes through donations.”

The Almost Home Behavioral Health Ministries facility is free for anyone who needs help. If you would like to make a donation visit their website at or call at (318)339-7789