It was an act out of the kindness of his heart.

He had no idea this video of him helping a teen with autism stock orange juice would change his life. 

“The dad he liked it a lot  he wanted to share with his family so I thought it was going to be something they say. Something they talk about and remember for a while. I didn’t think it was going to blow up.”

An explosion that took him from working in baton rouge to studying to be a teacher at Grambling State University. 

“I wanted to come ever since I was in high school since 9th to 12th grade. I always looked at Grambling,” said Taylor. 

A dream fulfilled by a GoFundMe started by the family of the young man with autism to show appreciation. 

“That’s was the family’s surprise to me. Like I didn’t know about it until I woke up like after the first interview,” said Taylor. 

But the love didn’t stop there Taylor says people have been reaching out as far as Australia. 
And he was even given a brand new car by Neighbors Federal Credit Union in Baton Rouge.

“It’s so much that you can’t even like put it into words. Like all you can say is thank you but thank you don’t mean enough to the people cause it’s so much that went into it.”

For now he says he’s waking up every day still in shock.

“It’s just crazy to think about. You just wake up in the morning like all that really wasn’t a dream. It’s something that really happened. It really feel like dream like stuff, but it’s real life,” said Taylor. 

Taylor says he wants to join the GSU basketball team, so far the GoFundMe has more than $130,000. If you would like to donate, click here